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Challenges аnd Opportunities

Road Freight
Transport 2020

New techniques and technologies.
Interaction Customers and Carriers

The Road Freight Transport 2020: Challenges аnd Opportunities conference continues our series of professional events aimed at examining the latest developments in the transport and logistics market as it strives to increase the effectiveness and attractiveness of motor transportation.

This event — now in its sixth year — has already become a key expert platform on which constructive and diverse discussion of pressing issues, successful cases and current matters of industry development, are combined organically with the revelation of advanced solutions currently being implemented by market leaders.


Event formats

Range of conferences
Range of conferences

conducted twice a year

Key focus of the spring event -
Key focus of the spring event -

new techniques and technologies

Strategic sessions
Strategic sessions

and panel discussions on individual subjects


on the results of the meeting

Open microphone
Open microphone

for participants



Broad networking
Broad networking


TV and photo
TV and photo


Road Freight Transport 2020

Main themes

Interaction between customers and carriers

Paperless documentation management, electronic consignment note, electronic waybill, electronic seals and other technological solutions

Monitoring system: efficiency and security

Online freight forwarding, smart contracts, smart insurance, mapping services

Economic efficiency of transport business-process and reducing operating costs trough digitalisation

View from customer’s: the last mile

New trucks and equipment

Technologies and innovative trends

Conference 2020


Innokenty Alafinov
Innokenty Alafinov

First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

Alexander Lashkevich
Alexander Lashkevich

Director of Industry Relations, Business Line Group

Evgeny Babaev
Evgeny Babaev

President, Gc Iteco

Vadim Filatov
Vadim Filatov

Deputy General Manager, First Expeditionary Company

Olga Fedotkina
Olga Fedotkina

Executive Director, National Union of Transport and Logistics Experts

Anton Zamkov
Anton Zamkov

General Director, RT-Invest Transport Systems

Sergey Yungov
Sergey Yungov

Deputy Director of the Federal Government Institution Road Safety Monitoring Center

Andrey Popov
Andrey Popov

Head of the Transportation Department, XPO Logistics

Anton Shevchenko
Anton Shevchenko

Head of MDM, National Catalog

Ege Ozsaygili
Ege Ozsaygili

Chief Executive and Board President, Trans.eu

Nelly Mandrykina
Nelly Mandrykina

General Director, Transport Law Agency

Svetlana Vityazeva-Hussman
Svetlana Vityazeva-Hussman

Logistics Manager, Knauf

Road Freight Transport 2019

Audience composition

The Road Freight Transport 2020: Challenges аnd Opportunities conference traditionally gathers some 250+ leading industry experts and analysts, representatives from the regulatory authorities, field-specific groups and associations, heads of motor transportation companies, logistics operators and consignors.

By positions

Development Directors 0%
CEOs 0%
Marketing Directors 0%
Analytical Department 0%
Commercial Directors 0%
IT Directors 0%
Managers 0%
Heads of Legal Departments 0%
Office of Tax Support 0%

By industry

Transport Companies 0%
IT Companies 0%
Government Representatives 0%
Maintenance and Repair Suppliers 0%
Industry Associations 0%
Retailers 0%
Media 0%
Scientific Institutes 0%
Insurance Companies 0%
Banks and Leasing Companies 0%
Legal and Consulting Companies 0%
Manufacturers 0%

Road Freight Transport 2019

How it was

The fifth international Road Freight Transport 2019: Challenges аnd Opportunities conference was successfully held in October 1-2 in Moscow and gathered more than 280 representatives from the motor transportation industry.

The main discussion point of the event was the strategic session entitled ‘Road Freight Transport Development’, which included the participation of the Russian Federation Ministry of Transportation. Participants discussed in detail many different aspects regarding the transparency and digitalisation of transport and logistics industry.

A practical result of the event was a resolution that was unanimously signed by all of the conference participants. To further the development, the resolution was also sent to all the relevant authorities and structures.

Written responses were received from the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Economic Development, as well as the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media.

It is reported, that the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Transportation has approved the proposals, stated in the resolution of the V international conference ‘Freight Transport 2019: Challenges аnd Opportunities’.

Agenda and a list of participants

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    About the conference


    “...we view professional conferences such as this one as one of the important platforms of such cooperation where, industry and representatives of state regulatory authorities are able to determine the way forward for the motor transportation market...”
    Evgeniy Ditrih

    Minister of Transportation of the Russian Federation

    “The conference is vital for questions {and answers} on the development of the motor transportation business and its growth opportunities. An important fact is the presence and open dialogue with representatives of regulatory authorities and the legislative body...”
    Ivan Golovko

    Head of the International Motor Transportation Department, Kuehne + Nagel

    “A huge thanks to the organisers. We are very happy to realise that we are in the home stretch in terms of solving the questions of automation of pre-trip medical examinations. Thank you for covering such pressing issues.”
    Ekaterina Galustyan

    Marketing Director, MedPoint24

    “Probably, the most effective regular industry event due to {the choice of} subjects for discussion, {the quality} of the participants and the format.”
    Roman Yunikov

    Head of Commercial Service, Magnit



    For transportand logistics companies:
    For transportand logistics companies:

    12 000 ₽

    For Russianand CIS companies:
    For Russianand CIS companies:

    27 000 ₽

    50% discount for online participation.


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